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How's it going? My name is Brayden Jarnagin. On this site, I will be reviewing my favorite books and telling you why I love them so you can fall in love with them too. The books on here will be primarily fantasy, and I will be starting out with books by my favorite authors, Will Wight, Michael J Sullivan, and Brandon Sanderson. I love the stories these authors tell and the way they tell them. Each of them have unique outlooks and writing styles that shine through in their series. To start, here is a list of series I will review with links to the first books of the series:

The Traveller's Gate by Will Wight

Cradle by Will Wight

Legends of the First Empire by Michael J Sullivan

Riyira Revelations by Michael J Sullivan

The Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

I may talk more about their styles of writing, as well as their unique journeys to becoming an author, as this is something that interests me as an aspiring writer. I hope I can introduce you to these authors and the worlds they create.

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