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Promise of Blood Initial Impressions

At 30% through the book, these are my initial impressions of Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan.

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Overall, this book is very good so far. Brian McClellan does a great job keeping the action going without it ever feeling like too much. There are moments of high action and low action, with the low action giving the book enough lulls to support those moments of higher action.

There are three main POV characters so far in the book. In order of introduction, there is Adamat, Tamas, and Taniel. Though Adamat is introduced first, Tamas seems like the protaganist.

The book has a fantastic opening, with Adamat receiving summons to the king's palace in the middle of the night. This carriage trip allows for some exposition that thankfully feels natural. This goes into a scene in the aftermath of a great power struggle. These backdrops add tension while doing a fantastic job of introducing the characters.

Like I said, the pacing has been great, and that goes for time skips. A major scene will happen with one character, then time will skip as the story switches to another character. Brian McClellan does a great job using details that feel natural to explain how much time has passed.

There was only two parts so far when it felt like exposition was being crammed down my throat, when a magebreaker is explaining to Taniel how his power works, and when a professor explains the powers of a privelidged to Adamat. These were light enough to where it didn't throw me out of the action too much, so I didn't mind.

The three introduced magic systems are simple enough to where you don't lose track of what does what as the story progresses.

One thing I appreciate about the story is how the different storylines are weaved together. Each gets its time, while still gently reminding us of all the conflicts in the background.

I am thouroughly enjoying my time in this refreshingly different world and I look forward to finishing the book and giving a full review soon!

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